Wind Generator Turbine 12 VDC

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WA Series Wind Turbine Generator



EW series are small wind generators operated in full-time, characterized with small size, easy installation and use, low cost and high efficiency. Therefore, it is suitable in different regions and various climate environments.


Ø  The controller is characterized with intelligent and modular design, simple structure, powerful function and stable performance.

Ø  The perfect protection.

Ø  Blades are made from glass reinforced polypropylene.

Ø  Wind generator is made from aluminum alloy with the weight of 18kg.

Ø  Unique shock-proof design of the fuselage with smooth operation.

Ø  Simple and reliable connection between wind generator and flange.


Function Characteristics:

This small wind turbine is designed for charging 12V batteries.

It's much easier to install the device thanks to use of conventional fasteners (4 screws). Wind turbine is 3 - phase (it's the most efficient) and has neodymium magnets. The stiff construction combined with low weight, enables quick and easy installation.

This small wind turbine due to its extremely small dimensions is designed primarily for mobile applications. It can be mounted on the boat, caravan, powering street adverts, traffic lights or transmitters for telecommunications. As well as support for street lighting, working in a hybrid system (for wind and solar).




Technical Data
Model EW-400
Rated power (W) 400
Rated Voltage (V) 24
Rated Current (A) 34/17
Number of blades 3
Impeller diameter (m) 1.55
Blades material Nylon
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 2.8
Energy producing at (m/s) 3.5
Rated wind speed (m/s) 12
Max wind speed (m/s) 45
Weight (kg) 18
Battery Capacity 12V150Ah*2szt


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