Mini Split 410 A Refrigerant Charging kit, 2 Cans, Piercing Valve, Hose, Adapter

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This is mini split ductless recharging kit that contains 2 cans of R410 A refrigerant ( 1.43 lb each), 1 green piercing valve, 1 charging hose and 1 adapter valve (5/16 to 1/4"). 
With this set up you can recharge your system your self quickly. 
Most 12000 mini splits requires 2 cans but please check your data sheet and adjust the amount accordingly. 
The pictured charging hose is red color but we have also yellow and blue. Therefore we will send the hoses randomly since it will not effect the charging process.


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R410 Refrigerant Piercing Valve R410 Refrigerant Piercing Valve
This valve is essential. Without this valve mini split can't be recharge
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