How to remove the Front Cover and replace the Fuse ?

Step 1: Open the little rectengle plugs to access the screws;


Step 2: Remove the screws under the rectegle caps and front of the plate. 


Step 3: Remove the filters and unbuckle the top clips



Step 4: Remove the two screws for the diplay PCB  cover and disconnect the cable.



Step 5: Carefully pull the front plate and move away from the fins. 



Step 6 : Fuse is located on the conrol PCB at right side of the panel.

FUSE Rating 125/250 V and 3.15A Slow Blow Which can be purchase from Radio Shock or local hardware stores.


Step 7 : Carefully replace the fuse and follow the instructions in revers order to close the panel.


Please be extra careful while placing the front cover and make sure that there is no obstruction with any parts and fan rotates freely.