My mini split is not cooling

My mini split is not cooling
In order to enable cooling cooling function  the cooling  mode needs to be selected via sharkaire remote controller. Also little dip switch in the battery compartment needs to be set pointing towards to heat.
By increasing or decreasing the temperature settins machine will not automatically switch between the cooling and heating modes automaticall .
If user wants to use mini split as cooler, the previous mode needs to be change back cool on the remote controller using a mode button. Also little dip switch in the battery compartment needs to be set pointing towards cool.
In order to cooler to start, the inside temperature needs to be set 5 degree below than the inside temperature. Otherwise inside unit will turn on and flaps will be on middle position and won't blow any cold air.
Check points and possible problems.
1-) Make sure indoor unit is getting power and stand by light is on. 
2-) When unit is turned on in door unit will start and show the temperature setting. In the mean time the out door unit fan and compressor should start running. 
Voltage Checks on Heat Problems ( This section must be performed A/C technician or licensed electrician) 
Terminal -1 (Brown wire)  and Terminal N = 120 VAC   ( Compressor )
Terminal -2 ( Red wire )   and Terminal N = 120 VAC   ( Compressor Fan ) 
Terminal -3 ( Yellow wire ) and Terminal N = 120 VAC ---- This wire goes to Coil of the 4 way valve
3-) There is no power  between 1&N or 2&N compressor or outdoor fan will not run. Consequenlty it will not cool.
4-) If there is a power (120 VAC) between 1&N or 2&N and one of the component mentioned above not running it means one of them is mulfunction.
5-) In cooling mode if the outdoor fan motor not running compressor will ron short time and stop due to overheat. In this case it is highly recommend not to run unit.
6-) If both compressor and compressor fan motor is running and indoor unit is not producing a cold air, unit needs to checked for refrigerent level with manifold guage.
Under full load the pressure must be 110 PSI. If you are reading less unit needs to be recharged with proper amount R410.