Air Handler Leaking Water

Air Handler Leaking Water
Reason 1: Blockage in the drain tube.
Water drips from the in door unit if the drain line kinked, blocked or no path of free water flow ( water goes out via gravity) .

In this case water will be accumulate and eventually will leak out. 

This is a common problem where installer doesn't drill the hole with 45 degree downward angle ( it is explained in the manual)  so condensation water will free flow to drain. 


I also suggest you  inspect the drain line and ensure it has a free downward path and ensure that the drain line is not higher than the drain tube.

In order to check the drain tube you don't need to remove the cover. 
In door panel can be lift by grabbing the indoor panel from the bottom and detaching the latches ( as it shown in the picture 2 above) .
After you detach the latches at the bottom ( unit won't fall since it hangs from the top ) slowly tilt the indoor panel from bottom to up like 45 degree.
You can palce some wood block between the wall and the panel so you can inspect the drain tube without holding.
Make sure the tube has a little downward angle so water will flow to ground nicely.
Reason 2: Icing in the evaparator Coils.

When evaparator coils get dirty or lack of refrigerent in the compressor ( due to leak), the indoor unit will be iced up and eventually leak water inside.

Therefore the indoor unit filters needs to be cleaned periodically. If the unit is being used very dirty environment it is good idea to calling a HVAC service and have them wash and clean the coils.

After cleaning filters and coils if icing issue still continues unit needs to be leak tested first and recharged properly.