24 V DC Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

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New Charge Controller

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New Wind Generator Turbine 24 VDC

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EW series are small wind generators

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   5 years on  compressor and 2 years warranty on everything else. 

Customer service: 510-788-3707




Why Sharkaire ?

3D Air Flow: Upward and Downward Air Supply: the fan blade can supply air in three dimensions. Better design provides easy use.

The I Feel Image Tracking Technology can  determine the number of persons in a room so that the air supply angle is adjustable for central air supply and adjustment of cooling/heating capacity, remaining at a comfortable air supply angle. It can maintain the room air temperature evenly, bringing you a more comfortable room environment.

Smart Cooling When the air conditioner is cooling, the cool air will be supplied from your head. Making you always feel natural and cool.

Smart Heating When the air conditioner is heating, the warm air will be supplied to your foot. The down-to-up air supply makes you always feel warm and comfortable.

Super-silence technology adopted can reduce the noise up to 20dB, providing silence and comfort.

Dual-direction Drainage Pipe Design The fine design suits our products into different styles of home environment.

Intelligent Power Off Sharkaire air conditioner is equipped with smart infrared control technology so that it can determine whether there are people inside a room when it is running. When there is no person inside, the air conditioner can shut down the power automatically for energy-saving purpose.

Smart Error Diagnosing Technology Used for Easy Servicing

Sharkaire brand air conditioners have the self-diagnosing function, which can correctly display the error codes for easy repair and the improvement of repair efficiency and saving cost. 

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   5 years on  compressor and 2 years warranty on everything else. 

Customer service: 510-788-3707



Sharkaire High Efficiency Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems delivers affordable  cooling and heating with unmatched comfort.

Cooler or warmer temperature levels are generated with eco-friendly R410a refrigerant that flows from an outdoor compressor to the indoor unit.

This system requires no ductwork which makes installation simple and cost effective.

It also provides quieter operation and improved efficiency by eliminating heat loss common with conventional central air conditioning systems.

The Limited Edition System is operated by a remote control that allows users to get room-by-room temperature management.

The remote control provides access to a variety of sophisticated features designed to enhance room comfort.

This System can save up to 59% of your energy consumption.

The contemporary design makes the indoor cabinet aesthetically pleasing in any room.